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Our Services


At Cost Cutters, we specialize in copier repair. From poor copy quality to paper jams, we deliver solutions. Our in-depth knowledge of most copier, printer, fax machines and scanners allows us to quickly identify what's causing a breakdown in your equipment, and provide the necessary service to recover optimal performance.


We have the capacity to also supply you with premium level digital imaging systems, multifunctional devices, parts and accessories through our equipment sales division. Ask us about the wide variety of brands we can supply and special features to determine which might be more suitable for your company's needs.


Cost Cutters highly recommends our preventative maintenance program that is scheduled at convenient intervals throughout the year to ensure we identify potential problems and address them before an equipment breakdown occurs. Our experienced certified engineers and technicians are promptly available to assist on-site in case of an emergency, and should a machine require service off-site, we will lend you a replacement while we fix yours.

Rental/Lease Purchase

Cost Cutters has flexible rental programs for daily, weekly, monthly or annual rental. With our rental programs you are able to upgrade your copier as your business needs change, and secure the maintenance services, equipment-specific supplies and parts that are included. Lease programs are also available. Our sales team will assist you in assessing what type of equipment your business will require to run smoothly, then design a plan and budget that meets your specifications and ultimately arrange for immediate delivery.

Contact us today and rid yourself of the imminent stress that comes along with owning office equipment that can suffer a breakdown unexpectedly.

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